Monday, January 7, 2013

Water and Hunger

164.0 lbs this morning.  Moving in the right direction.

Water, it seems, will be my biggest asset.  The more water I drink, the better things are.  I need to remember this.  There is a downside and that is the more water I drink, the more water my body wants.  Without it I feel terrible.

One of the things that water will do for me is help me feel full.  I am eating the same that I have on this whole (last) journey.  Now it doesn't seem like enough.  I am physically hungry much of the time and then also emotionally hungry after awhile.

In some ways it makes no sense...I am smaller, I should need less. 

In some ways it makes more sense...I have less "reserve" to pull from so I am more hungry.  I am more active, so I am more hungry.  I have also read some about the body fighting to go back to "normal"...that the body will resist losing the fat reserves.

So this is a good time to remind myself that I am NOT my body.  I am my spirit that, right now, has a body.

My spirit is in charge.  My spirit doesn't lie or deceive.  My spirit is worth the fight.  My spirit will help me WITH the fight.

Make good choices.  That is what I need to do today and every day.

I got this.  Game On!!

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  1. Great to see you this morning :) This girl's got game!


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