Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back to School time


So every year I gain weight in the summer.  I don't wear school clothes all summer and then when it is time to start school I am in a bit of a panic and I go shopping.  I get clothes that fit and look nice (the main compliment?!?! I get is that I always dress well for my size) and are generally a size bigger.

This year I am going a different route.  I did get a few new pieces (because I don't have too many hot weather clothes) but I got them in sizes that fit.  What I mean by that is by the world standards they fit.  By what I am comfortable with  they will fit when I lose a few pounds.

So I am somewhat stressed because I want to be sure that I look ok.  Of course I have the clothes I was wearing at the end of the school I will wear them.  I tend to wear the same 5 I am sure that will still fit with what the world thinks.  I am also on the verge of fitting into the clothes from when I wore dresses all the time so I will start to wear some of them.

It is pushing me to think about what I am eating and how little exercise I am doing.  Now that my neck seems to be holding it is time to get back to that.

More on where I have been at a later time...

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