Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Weigh In: Week 8

CW 196.0
PW 199.8

- 3.8


Not a fan of roller coasters...but if I am on one...this seems ok.

Inputs are still spotty.  I need a better routine.  Including blogging.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Weight In: Week 7

CW 199.8
PW 195.4

+ 4.4


I suck.

Which of course is not being kind to myself.  And honestly...how does a person gain 4.4 lbs in a week?!?  I mean I ran 19.3 miles for crying out loud.  And then ate not the greatest for a couple of days.  I am sure that is it. 

Already tonight I am 199.6 and I always weigh more at night.  And I ran tonight after taking a few days off.  So eating is better and running is good.  I need to be back on inputs.

Intention every day.
RR at least 2x a week
Run every other day.
Eating--no grains, dairy, sugar

Back to being serious.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Wow -- I Wish I Had a Better Title

I have been sitting here for 20 mins trying to think of a better title and I can't think of one.  But I want to get started.

And I don't even know how to start to explain what I have done since Dec 31.

Short version -- 3 races in less than 24 hours including my first half marathon.

Medium version --

5 pm  Resolution Run 5K (December 31)
Dinner and rest
11:45 pm Run in the New Year 5K
Hot bath and try to sleep
9:00 am Hangover Half Marathon (January 1)

Long Version --

H and I started running in late summer.  As we continued to run she was talking about races and what to do and she talked about how much she loved this series.  It sounded crazy.  There was a 3 5K option and I told her I would do that.  She said if we did that there was a sweat shirt for doing all 3 but if we did the half marathon there was a fleece.  I said I didn't know.

I signed up for the two 5Ks and then waited a bit to decided.  A few months later I decided, fuck it.  Let's do it.  I want the fleece.

So that is how this all began.

As we were "training" it became apparent to me that we didn't really have enough time to train properly.  But I just kept doing what H said to do and we logged more and more miles.  The most we ever ran at one time was 11 miles.  So I felt sort of ok about 13.1 but didn't want to think about the 6.2 miles that would happen before 13.1.

And what I didn't consider AT ALL is that there really would be no rest time.  By the time we got to the hotel from the races and had to get back, etc. there was very little down time.  I mean the schedule above looks like there is time...but it really turned out that there was none.

I didn't talk about it much beforehand because it was just too crazy to think about.  But I did also spend a lot of time visualizing and mentally getting prepared.  But as time got closer I did tell a few friends and would just giggle like crazy at the thought of it.  Oh and sweat a bunch.

I don't really know were to go from here.  I guess I can talk about each race.

The specifics--

Headed into the races I was feeling ok.  I knew that I could do it.  It would be hard, I would have to dig deep, and I would have to be kind to myself.  But I could do it.  I would do it.  The weather forecast was cold.  Colder than I have ever run.  Windchills in single digits.  And then it snowed.  I was scared. 

Resolution Run.  (aka Race 1) We picked up H and her husband and traveled to the first town.  The sweet man and H's husband decided to volunteer so they were handing out beer (it was a beer run).  We left the boys and got ready.  Here we are.

(I am on the right.)

The first 5 K went well.  I PR'd too.  So that was amazing.  It was congested and since we were doing the run 4, walk 1 we kept getting passing and being passed by the same people.  They were doing that strategy as well.  I think we finished somewhere in the middle of the pack as people were happily consuming beer and having a great time.  The course was really pretty-- except for one really awful hill.  I wish I lived closer to this course as it would just be great to run it all the time.  It was really cold, but no snow.  I was happy about that.  Also I tend to get really hot while running so I was still taking off my jacket.

Anyway, we picked up our medals and were ready to leave.  But the sweet men were still pouring beer.  I thought they would never get to leave.

Finally we left and headed straight to dinner in our second town.  PF Chang's.  I was nervous about eating so I tried to stay on my plan, but did have a few bites of rice and a crab wonton or three.  yum.  Then to the hotel to check in and have a 1.5 hour rest.

Ring in the New Year. (aka Race 2)  The sweet men had signed up a week ago to volunteer at this race so we were there very early.  It gave us lots of time to stretch and use the indoor restrooms.  H said that this race was very laid back and we were to conserve our energy.  She said we would run 3 and walk 2.  It started and we were off.  I was really nervous before this race too.  Sweating like crazy.  Once it started I just settled in.  I knew I could do it.  The weird part was that with the 3/2 strategy I found myself wanting to run more and definitely walking faster.  It was also congested and we were in that same pass and be passed business with the same people from the first race.

H's husband was out on the course so we got to see him twice as it was a loop.  Loops kill a part of spirit...just FYI.  We finished, got our medals and champagne glass and it was off to the hotel for a hot bath and bed.

Hangover Half.  (aka Race 3 or OMG)  I slept horribly and was in a lot of pain.  I stretched a bunch.  Tried to clear my head and align my energy.  I was surprisingly not as nervous.  I was intimidated by the race, but also convinced I could do it.

The sweet men dropped us off and we realized that we had about 20 mins until it started.  That was the latest we had ever gotten to one of the races.  It turned out to be a good thing...no time to panic.  The half started at 9 and the 5K started at 9:30.  When it got time to start we realized that there were not that many running the half.

As we started we were instantly in last place.  This bugged me for the first 2 miles, but then I let it go.  I figured that we would catch people later who had started out too past. (spoiler alert--we never did.)  I did think...well at least we won't play the pass and be passed game for 13 miles.  I also reminded myself that the goal was to finish.  Really that was it.  I later realized that H had a time goal for us which we made, but I will talk about that later.

About 3 miles in I was starting to fade.  I wondered what the hell we were doing.  I knew there was a lot left so I just kept going.  There was a big loop (spirit killer) and at 3.5 miles we were lapped by the front runner.  He was FLYING.  It was 20 mins before anyone else came by.  As we were getting lapped people were so supportive.  I lost it and started crying.  Ugly cry.  At their kindness.  And the worst part was I was kind of hyperventilating as I was crying...so I knew I had to stop that shit and keep running.

I sort of felt like a failure being last (and not seeing ANYONE up ahead) but then I remembered that we were doing the 4 and 1 and just running our own race.  (There is more to this for another time.)  I felt bad for the police and workers that would still be out there due to us...but then let that go as well.  People were so kind and supportive.

Finally we looped.

As we started the loop I was feeling defeated.  We had more than half way to go and I was struggling.  I no longer could really take in the scenery.  At about mile 8 I was sure I was going to have diarrhea.  I was in a bit of a panic.  We looked around...there was a golf course...I almost went behind a tree.  Instead we just walked for an extra minute and the feeling sort of went away.   I was in a ton of pain.  It was horrible.  My legs...all the way from hip to feet.  And the worse part was that it was stressing me so then my neck and back and head were all starting to hurt.  Walking seemed to help.  Not with my legs but will my stress levels.  By mile 9 it was excruciating to run.  I couldn't run the whole 4 mins consistently.  I kept trying.  We passed the police and thanked them.  As we ran past we heard him say...ok the last of the runners just went by.  It made us laugh.

At one point H said...we can have the guys come get us.  I said, fuck no.  We are finishing.  Even if I have to walk.  H asked if I was doing permanent damage.  I said I had no idea.  But we were finishing.  Later she told me that she was really worried about me at one point.

By mile 10 I thought I would have diarrhea.  That feeling was back.  I knew there had been a port a potty on the course somewhere but I couldn't remember.  H couldn't either.  Finally about mile 11 we saw it as a lone beacon of hope. (or something like that).   I had seriously planned to go somewhere--port a potty or not.  There was another policeman in a cruiser there.  We thanked him...he also radioed in that we had passed and then I shit my heart out in the port a potty.  When I finally came out, H was nowhere I could see her.  I thought what the hell?!? I was a little disoriented about it all.  The policeman was still there.  Then I saw H.  She was running a small circle to keep her legs loose.  She is a beast!  I was dying and she was running circles.  I said I was sorry, had I been in there a long time?  She said no, I just ran 3 loops.  lol  I am sure the police stayed to make sure I didn't need an ambulance.

After that I felt so much better.  It was excruciating to run...but I was still running.  We had less that a 5K left! I had told H to have the guys get our medals and mugs so that the organizers could leave.  There were none left on the course.

Then at mile 12 they were there!  The volunteers.  So supportive.  I started hyperventilating crying.  I don't think they knew what to do with me.  I made myself stop.  We got to the end of the loop and were headed back.  I had to do much more walking, but was still moving.  H and I talked about how we had planned to be somewhere between 3hrs 30 mins and 4 hours.  We would still make that.

Finally we got to the top of the bridge and we came running in.  Our husband were standing there with our medals and cheering us in taking pictures.

I started to cry again.

Running into the sweet man's arms was the best.  There were still a few volunteers and they cheered as well.

We ended with 3 hour 40 mins 15 sec.

Then back to the hotel and showers etc.

Here is the fleece that started it all!

Then off to a mexican food feast!!

There are many thoughts I have about all of this.  I will blog about that soon.

I am amazed at it all and so thankful for all the race organizers and volunteers and the spirit of all the runners.  It was an amazing experience.  By the time we got to the restaurant I was talking about the next race...even though I could barely walk!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Weigh In: Week 6

CW 195.4
PW 198.6

- 3.2


I lost track of most of the inputs.  I was aware of them and worked on them...but don't have a record keeping system I like.  I used to use Streaks but it seems when I upgraded my iphone it won't work.  So I need something better.

I do know that I had bits of sugar here and there.  Christmas day I did have some egg casserole (bread and milk) and a part of the best cinnamon roll I have ever had.  And it gave me a headache (sugar) and I ended up laying down.  A reminder that this is not just about weight--it is about health.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Weigh In: Week 5

CW 198.6
PW 200.2

- 1.6


Intention 7/7
Eating 6/7
RR-- lost track

Ate fast food yesterday.  Don't know how that affected things.  Ran 11 miles on Saturday.  Don't know how that affected things. 

What I do know is that the number is getting smaller...clothes are fitting better.  I am grateful for that.

There is another meal this week that will not be "no sugar, no grains, no dairy".  I am ok with that and actually am planning for it.  I know that my eating style is as much to keep headaches, etc away.  I know that it can be a slippery slope for me.  Eating fast food yesterday could have triggered disaster today...but I kept that away.

I am aware.  I am cautious. I am kind to myself about it all.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Intention Dec 22

I release weight rapidly and efficiently.

(Modality:  visualization)

Last of the present shopping today.  Just a few things...so no craziness.

Running later tonight.


Vacation is a good thing.